Damaramu before any mods

The ultimate dumb muscle. He constantly brags about his (next to non-existent) greatness as a fighter, talking of himself in the third person, usually as "The Mighty Damaramu". On the DVD commentary for the anime, voice actor Brett Weaver states that the reason Damaramu talks in the third person is "not out of ego, it's just that he has to say it over and over so that he doesn't forget his own name". He is sent by the King to hunt Mink, but due to his considerable lack of intelligence — and Mink's jinx — it is a doomed prospect. The first time he battled Mink, he ended up with his own laser sword running through his skull. However, during the Brutal Killer Martial Arts Tournament, it was revealed that Damaramu had in fact survived, mostly because of what he refers to as his "compact brain". Because his brain is much smaller than normal, his brain was only slightly scratched by the sword. Also, with a little help from Blacksmith Tony, he was resurrected as a cyborg. But before he and Mink went to battle, he stupidly wasted energy showing off his new abilities and was knocked by Mink into the lava pit below the fighting floor. In the ending credits, we see his next form as a head with little arms and legs. This is shown a lot more in the manga, as he starts to get dumber and works with Dug Finn.